Well, Hello My In Men’s,

I am so happy and excited to talk to you all about my new movement “The In Men”. First, I want to tell you how it all started:

I started “The In Men”  with me being a personal fashion stylist for Men. Yes, I helped Men dress better. I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend and I saw a huge potential on how men dressed. I truly was so eager to help men dress better, I just felt that some men need real fashion advice. No offense to anyone , but as you reading this maybe you can agree. At that restaurant out of the 30 men that were there only 6 were dressed very nicely. The other 24 not so much. They all had potential to improved and don’t we all.  I see Men’s fashion as an art, because for me it is that. I understand that there is days where you don’t want to  or feel like dressing up and I understand. We all have those days, Ive been the victim of it. In the process of doing that I decided to do something bigger and better for The In Men. I saw something beyond it and wanted it to become a movement.

The In Men is a movement for men to come together, network, and  become their better selfs.  Men that want to learn about trends in fashion, career and lifestyle. Where they can become aware of icons or become one themselves. there is really no good or bad In men, but all In men should want to become an icon to themselves and their audience. A Man who wants to have the power to influence other Men through your network(social media, traditional media).

The In Men Blog will be an inspiration for all men, where they can read about great In men and be empowered by it. With that being said,  I love you all and let the writing and reading begin.



Your Fashion Stylist, Paloma.

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